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Dancing Machine

Today I’d like to look at one of my favorite pastimes and a pastime enjoyed and even revered throughout the world by all . . . dancing. And I want to look at it from  from the perspective of American men. Which is to say, from the sidelines. Why is it that we seem to be the only culture whose men either avoid or openly disdain dancing? Not all men, of course. But in this culture, dancing is just not considered cool. Just look around on any dance floor. Men are outnumbered, 6 to 1 at least. What is the matter with them?

And don’t go telling me how you know a guy who likes to dance or how you and your brother used to dance when you were kids. I am talking here about your run-of-the-mill white guy. There; I’ve said it. It’s straight white guys who don’t like to dance. Blacks, Latinos and gay men can rock the dance floor. The rest? I think they are afraid of being called  gay if they show any interest in getting on the dance floor. And getting them to go see a dance performance? They’re more likely to wear pink shorts.

The amazing thing is that a man who dances is incredibly attractive to women. And what guy doesn’t want to put their arms around a woman, hold her close and not get slapped? American men, that’s who. I am the first to admit that I have actually dated at least one guy in whom I had zero interest. Except for his dancing skills. When he spun me around and put his arm around my waist. . . OMG. Now, that was sexy.

My husband (who keeps complaining I mention him in this blog and who shall remain nameless) has – late in life – become a dancer. We took ballroom dancing classes and our teacher was a rather old, wizened gentleman. But, boy, could this guy cut a rug! When he grabbed me to demonstrate the Tennessee waltz  (even though I had never even seen it before), his prowess stunned me. He had me sashaying and spinning all over that dance floor. And, I sheepishly admit, actually turned me on.


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  1. Tony says:

    Of course anybody named Tony loves to dance (it seems), as do I. I actually feel “loves to dance” doesn’t even describe what my experience is when I hear danceable music. I HAVE to dance when I hear music. But one thing that is left out of your observation; why do non-dancers seem to have jealousy, indeed contempt for those men that DO dance?

  2. Anita says:

    chuckle….mmm maybe because some men think they are too macho to learn some classy two steps or they think dancing is for sissies.

  3. Jan says:

    That’s what we do! If the sound is right…….we will dance by ourselves, or with a bunch of women. Been doing it for years!!! 🙂

  4. Jennie says:

    Amen, Lucille ~ & Tony! I, too, HAVE to dance. It is the healthiest addiction I’ve ever had, with workout benefits to boot, and it’s the best antidepressant on the market. After dancing with women for the better part of my life I have finally been blessed with not one, but two, male dance partners, who have been bitten by the bug & realize how much fun it is, as well as how valuable a social asset it can be. While I’m guessing we might be the envy of some of those sitting on their asses watching from the sidelines, I can only hope that they’ll be as inspired by our moves as by how much fun we’re having… C’mon, guys, give it a whirl -you might surprise yourselves!
    (This concludes my public service announcement 😉

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