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‘Cause the Bible Tells Me So?

This post originally appeared November 9, 2009

We’ve all heard the story of Adam and Eve and how evil, evil Eve tempted Adam with an apple from the tree of knowledge and, therefore, how women are the root of all problems people-kind face. There is so much in this story that bugs me, but you’ll be happy to know that in the original Hebrew version (before King James had his translation done, for example), Eve did not actually tempt Adam but, rather, they  succumbed to the serpent’s temptation together.

So, we’re blamed for everything bad in this world because some jerk mistranslated the Bible. Figures.

But rather than dwell on the good book (and who their third son, Seth, mated with) . . . I bring this up because, even today, knowledge is sometimes seen as a negative, especially when it comes to women. A really smart male? He’s a “wealth of knowledge.” An incredibly intelligent woman? A know-it-all. Girls are even taught (through observation) that being smarter than a boy will never get you a date. But why is that?

Are men really so insecure that they can’t deal with a smart woman, so much so that they’ve twisted Genesis to make a woman’s knowledge (or the quest for it) the cause of all sorrow in the world?  I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty pathetic to me. The only thing more pathetic is the woman who not only pretends to be stupid but any woman who downplays the vast knowledge she possesses.

Think about it. How much you know.  Where to buy the things you need, who to call for necessary services, how to take care of common household problems, how to cook (well, some of you, anyway). And that’s just scratching the surface of your vast knowledge. Sure, lots of guys used to know about simple car repairs, but with the new, computerized vehicles, they can’t even do that anymore. No wonder we intimidate them.

In some ways, this discomfort with knowledge has grown to the point where being “intellectual” is somehow bad. Where did this come from? Stupid people, I say! Who else would find fault with you being smart?

So, rise and repent, ye sisters of hidden knowledge! Tell them when they’re wrong; point out the best way to accomplish a task; share with them the fastest travel route.

Oh. We already do.

Never mind.

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