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Calendar Girl

I’ve got an iPhone and I use it to keep track of all the stuff I want to remember – grocery lists, appointments, deadlines. Probably most people have some sort of gadget – or maybe even¬† DayTimer (time machine alert!) so they don’t miss things.
So, tell me: if I can’t memorize my own schedule, why the hell does Gary expect me to remember his?

I will ask him a very reasonable “Where is your gig tonight?” or “When are you going for lunch?” and he simply flips out, because maybe he told me once, three weeks ago when I was on my way out the door or falling asleep.¬† And I’m supposed to remember? Give me a break! I have my own customer appointments, internal meetings, deadlines. I need my own calendar to keep track – in fact, I have to check it at night to make sure I don’t miss a morning appointment – but he wants me to remember what time he’s having lunch with his buddy???

Is it just him? Nah. I’ve spoken to other women about this. For some reason, our men expect us to memorize everything they’re doing with their day: what doctor, what time, whatever. But do they remember what we’re planning?


I am lucky if Gary remembers that we’re having a party. Of course, he always accuses me of not telling him (as if. . . ). Why does he expect me to remember the nits and grits of his social calendar when he has no idea of what is on mine. . . never mind my work calendar?

That said, one day early this month I asked him if he remembered what day it was. “Yeah!” he said. “It’s our f*cking anniversary!” And he was right. It was 29 years ago that day when we sealed the deal. No, not our wedding anniversary. Our f*cking anniversary.

See? They can remember the important stuff . . .

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  1. george g says:

    congrats on your f*cking annaversary. at least he remembers the sentimental stuff; what a guy, you’re sooo lucky.

  2. Donna says:

    This is my favorite post yet!

  3. David Berkowitz says:

    Ahh we man can NEVER win. Reminds me of Rita Rudner comment:
    If a man is alone in the forest….is he still wrong???

  4. Laura Brown says:

    I’ll be married 29 years in August too. I do have a suggestion/solution – try putting a calendar on the refrigerator and note important appointments for all to see. With my schedule, his schedule and the kids schedule it really does help!!!

  5. Judy Herring says:

    Good post!! When Randy and I decided to get married, he picked the date because it is the day before his birthday. He said that way he would always remember! It has worked, but as far as everything else………..his boys call him to remind him of their own birthdays!!!!!!!!!Need I say more????

  6. Craig Koff says:

    That’s hysterical!!!!

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