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Broadway Nails

God, I love these! They’re really easy to apply (takes me about 5 minutes every Sunday night) and only cost about $5-$6 for a package of 24 (about 2 weeks worth). But the real reason I love them is that I get tons of compliments. . . from co-workers, from women I pass in shopping, from receptionists (and who knows better than them?). I even had a (male) client disparagingly ask me how much I spent on my nails every month. When I told him less than $15, he didn’t believe me.

Everyone has fake nails now, if they’re willing to spend the money. I say, why pay someone for you to spend time you don’t have, sitting in a nail salon when you can do it yourself (and not risk infection, since you replace them weekly)? And you don’t have to worry about spoiling your expensive manicure when you garden, do crafts, or whatever.

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