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Beam Me Up

When you were a kid, remember watching the Twilight Zone or Star Trek or the Jetsons and wondering if any of those cool gizmos they had would ever be invented? Some of them have been – like the universal translator and computers you can talk to – and others are deemed eminently possible by leading scientists – transponders!. So, it got me to thinking: what space age, futuristic gadget would I most like to see here and now? Transporter? Jet pack? Orgasmatron?

Actually, what really would be my dream come true – in a futuristic, OMG I-can’t-believe-it-kind-of-world already exists: the 3D printer. That may seem a little mundane and kind of meh, but when you hear my reasoning, I think you might agree.

3D printers are already doing incredible things – Fab@Home actually can print food. Which might be nice if you get those unexpected visitors and don’t have a coffee cake on hand. But, no, I have bigger ideas than mere food. You can use a 3D printer to make a gun – which actually is a little scary, except for those NRA aficionados who have never met a weapon they didn’t love. But no guns for me. How about a great idea/invention that I need a prototype for? Nope. Need a toy for a bored visiting nephew? No problem – a $700 Solidoodle 4th generation  3D printer will do the trick. But I don’t need that, either.

But, you know me. What is it that I can never have enough of? What is the one thing I’d like to create on demand, to suit my every whim? Why, shoes  – of course! Can you imagine a 3D printer that would let you have any pair of shoes, fit exactly to your feet, simply by scanning in a picture of them? Or creating your own design? OMG I would be in heaven. Yeah. I know. There are so many other things that we could do with a 3D printer that could make this world a better place.

But wouldn’t it be nice to do it in a great pair of heels?

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  1. David Alexander says:

    You had me at orgasmatron!!

  2. Laura says:

    A girl after my own heart. Shoes are my passion. Would love this 3D printer.

  3. Linda Kravetz says:

    3D shoes may be the answer to my podiatric problem: my left foot bigger than the right. I haven’t been able to find shoes that fit. Thanks, Lucille, you kindled my faith in technology.

  4. Leroy G says:

    Orgasmatron…? Help a Brother out. Maybe I was paying too much attention to Lt. Uhura …LOL

  5. Don V says:

    What about a replica of your younger self? Hemingway said he wanted to stay between 25 and 30. Not me, 45 was my year. I had gotten myself in shape and so could jog 5 miles, do 50 push ups, and still had enough hair for a good comb-over. ( At least I though so.)
    Now I’m that guy people used to think would be killed by a good day’s work.

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