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Aisle Be Seeing You

Women who don’t normally spend a lot of time in the kitchen still sometimes find themselves walking the grocery store aisles. Which leads me to this burning question: what idiot decides which products go in each aisle?

It never ceases to amaze me how someone – or some nefarious group of cretins – decides to not put the paper napkins in the aisle with all the other paper products. But, instead, they  put them in the frozen food aisle? Really? Is that because when you use frozen food you always use a paper plate? The logic – or lack of it –  is absolutely baffling to me. Then, of course, where would you expect to find the pita chips? The snack aisle? Think again. They’re in the “natural products” aisle. . . along with the coffee. I guess pita chips are considered more “natural” than popcorn. . . which isn’t in the natural – or snack – aisle, either.

My favorite is when they try to be all new age-y and instead of stocking the Earth Balance margarine with the . . . margarine . . . they put it in the produce aisle. Because it has no dairy in it. So it’s what a vegan would want. Therefore, it goes with the vegetables. And I’m not making this up.

I can understand putting the Mexican food in the same aisle as the Chinese food and the other international goodies. But why put half the tortillas in one aisle and half in another?

Now, here is the follow up question: does anyone seriously think a woman had anything to do with this plan? A plan that places some yogurt in the dairy aisle and some in the produce aisle? A plan that strategically places cookies with pickles and  condiments? Does placing baby formula with office supplies make any more sense, or putting the mouthwash and toothpaste in the same aisle as socks and pantyhose? (I really can’t figure out that connection;  foot and mouth disease maybe?)

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with illogically planned roads (where any idiot could see they’ll create unnecessary bottlenecks) and ladies’ rooms (with lousy lighting and mirrors that only let you see the top of your head)? Can’t someone, anyone, storm the headquarters of Shop Rite and tell them “We hate when you make dead end aisles”?

If we’re going to get stuck with doing the grocery shopping, at least don’t make us backtrack one, two, three times to find those stupid mothballs that some idiot decided to put with the produce.

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  1. Judy Herring says:

    This is so true!! I just never thought of it this way – but, then again, you always make me see things I never saw before!!! I’ve read shoppers can find everything they need in the grocery store along the “outside” of the aisles – no one really needs to go up and down the aisles. Well…I don’t know who thinks that because I never find toilet paper, deoderant, trash bags, laundry products or deoderant soaps along the parameter of the store – I have to walk down the aisles and I don’t know about you, but I would not want to live without those products. Maybe I’m spoiled!!!

  2. Tyra says:

    Oh my, you must come and food shop in Florida, they really know what they are doing! Slider rolls can only be found in the meat department and nuts with the vegetables, and that’s Publix. But then we have a “snuggle alert” tonight which means it will probably drop to 69 degrees, it must be the weather!

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