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15 Going on 42

It might surprise women (and even men) over 40, but apparently the most popular birthday gift for 15 year-olds in Venezuela is breast enhancement.  A boob job for a 15 year old? Unbelievable. I think I barely needed a bra by that age which I guess is why there’s such a big market for this misogynistic procedure.

Yeah, misogynistic. Because why do you think young girls feel they need huge breasts? So they have an extra 10 pounds to lug around?  So they can borrow their grandmother’s bras? No; they do it because they think it’s what boys/men like – and they’re right, to a large degree (pardon the pun).

I could blather on about the decadence of South Americans in general, if this wasn’t a rising trend all around the world. I think that is pathetic. If baffles me why girls willing to go  under the knife – and spend thousands of dollars – for something that will be increasingly uncomfortable (you think lugging around 42 double Ds doesn’t affect the rest of your body?) and ultimately expensive. I guess they think their only worth is in their looks.  So much for coming a long way, baby.

Here’s what these girls don’t know – but should.  In a few years, they’ll have to get another boob job, because these “enhancements” don’t last forever. Sure, they might be okay for 25 years, by which point they’ll be the ripe age of 40. Then they have to do it all over again, and it won’t be cheap. And what happens if they deflate or leak and these girls can’t afford the $20,000 or more (which it will  probably cost by then) to get retreads?

I’m looking forward to seeing that – along with the 50+ year old tramp stamps. Then again, not really.

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  1. Roberta says:

    I was going to guess butt lift, but boob job is equally as enhancing. I think that in Brazil, the outer thigh (jodphurs) are eliminated as the butt is lifted, but that is probably for the sweet 16 birthday gift. After all, we know that looking spectacular in a thong on the Rio playa is most important.

  2. Marie says:

    Why can’t people be happy with what God gave them? Is this surgery for the girls or for their future boyfriends?

  3. Chris Munson says:

    So, women don’t look at otherwomen’s superstructures sometimes with envy simply for the esthetic pleasure derived from a well proportioned figure? Like, men don’t surreptitiously inspect each other’s “units” in the High School Gym? Common Luce, it’s human nature to compare and, if possible, compete. So the headlights are only good for 25 years…..but what a couple of decades that could be….
    I would check on airfares for Venezuela, but promised my wife we would go to Ireland this year…of course there’s 2012 coming up….

    • Chris, you can’t honestly believe that women yearn for 42DD’s because they’re jealous of . . .who? Pole Dancers? And calling a body with the presence of enormously out-sized breasts “well proportioned” is laughable. Yes, flat chested women want some “heft” but huge tatas that seem to defy gravity exist mostly for the pleasure of men.
      As for men inspecting other men’s “packages”, well, that’s your problem!

  4. Mike Terzano says:

    I don’t know why you bother sddressing the issue of breast enhancement. It’s not as if you personally have any experience with it or ever needed to. Not when you were 15 or even now. After all, yours are just spectacular! I hope it’s not inappropriate or unwelcome for me to make that observation. It is what it is, or more accurately, they are what they are!

  5. Nika says:

    Hmmm… at 15 I would have welcomed a boob REDUCTION. But that is just the point. We all seem to want what we don’t have. And it’s all to please the men. As adults, we have a little more experience before we might decide to do things like this to our bodies. But as kids? It’s just too sad.

    I hope I’m raising a daughter who knows her beauty comes from the inside, but she lives in a big world.

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