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Brett Favre or Martha Stewart?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

The first boy I had a crush on  (not counting my imaginary friend, George) was Paul Esposito. In the third grade, Paul pulled my hair, chased me from the school, and when he caught up, kissed me. He warned me not to tell anyone – which I, of course, did – and he vociferously denied it forevermore. That was my first infatuation (which lasted about 25 years, but that’s another story) and it didn’t end well.

Okay; it didn’t end that badly. We went to a girl-ask-boy dance in the 8th grade and kind of hung out together in high school, but it still was unrequited love.

Which makes me think about the timeline of our attraction to the opposite sex. (more…)

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Pretty Woman

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Forward Into The Past – October 30, 1964

There was a time I actually didn’t care what I looked like because it  didn’t seem to matter. Long, long ago. Maybe we revert back to that as we get really, really old (but, I look at Joan Rivers and doubt that). I began to wonder exactly when “lookism” became an element of my psyche and I can trace it back to my first 7th grade dance.

Now, at KGS we used to have casual dances  during lunch in the gym when it rained out, but I’m talking about a real, honest-to-God dance, where some people came with dates and our mothers drove us to the Magnolia Inn afterward for pizza. I recently found an old diary that I wrote in on that night – it’s painful (for me) to read, but it does give me some insight on why I (and probably most girls) started to worry day and night about how we look. (more…)

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