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Cultural Differences

Friday, January 20th, 2012

I don’t hate sports. Yes, I know many of my readers think I do, because I’ve railed against the high cost of college athletics, the public financing of sports arenas and so on. But I really like some sports. In fact, I spent Sunday afternoon watching the movie “Eddie” where Whoppie Goldberg – a rabid Knicks fan – gets the job as their head coach. Okay; not the same as watching a game, but the point is, I really enjoyed the basketball scenes and it made me remember all the bball games I’ve attendedĀ  – and loved. Hey, I was a cheerleader for about 100 years. So, what’s my problem with sports? I don’t have one. My problem is with the culture of sports. And that is a whole ‘nother story. (more…)

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