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Men are Dirtbags

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Alright. Not all men are dirtbags. Not Gary. Not my father. And not my brothers. . . I think. 🙂 . But, to many men, this term is a badge of honor. They even celebrate their dirtbagginess by naming their teams Dirtbags and reveling in it. But the kind of dirtbags I’m talking about aren’t to be celebrated.  When you hear about UN peacekeepers sexually abusing kids in Central Africa, those dirtbags are guys. You won’t find a lot of women guilty of this.  When you hear about all the sexual abuse that’s happened in the Catholic church, that was done by  priests. Now, I’m not saying that women don’t also sexually abuse kids sometimes. And they certainly are guilty of simple abuse. But overwhelmingly, when we hear about children – even babies – being sexually attacked or being made sex slaves, that is predominantly by and for the male of the species. (more…)

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Economic Boost

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Spain’s economy is suffering, like the rest of the world’s. But thanks to young men,  one part is booming. Which part? Oh, the part where illegal networks of criminals ruthlessly trick foreign women into thinking there’s a job waiting for them, only to have them discover that the “job” is in a fancy club, a private apartment, an industrial complex or on a lonely country road. . . as a prostitute. Plenty of men like to think these working women are there by choice. And some may be. But of the 200,000 to 400,000 women working as prostitutes in Spain, 90% are victims of trafficking. 90%. Guys like to brag about their sexual exploits with prostitutes and when it’s suggested that these women are being forced to have sex, they often say “But I think they are having a good time.” (more…)

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