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No Experience Needed

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here’s the scenario: a couple meets, dates, gets married, has babies (more or less in that order). The babies need to be fed, changed, put to bed, bathed (probably not in that order). In most cases – not all, but most – the woman ends up with the majority of these jobs. Sure, some are “stay-at-home” moms, but most aren’t. Who can afford the luxury of one income?

So, here’s the deal: she works, he works, she does the baby stuff (and probably most of the housework, grocery shopping laundry. . . but that’s another post). And every once in a while, he takes over: mommy gets a night out. And how does she describe this situation? My husband is babysitting tonight. Are you kidding? Babysitting? (more…)

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