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Mr. Clean in Paris

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I know it’s quite popular to denigrate Europe, and especially the French (even though they were right about Saddam Hussein and his non-WMDs. . . but that’s another story). But you know what we’ve been noticing since we arrived here in France? First of all, the people are really friendly. Especially when you try (and butcher) speaking the language. Oh, the baker at the local patisserie was so happy to help me! And their economy? Doing quite well, by the way, despite the call by some to boycott French products.

But the most amazing thing to us is simply how clean everything is. (more…)

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Lick My Id

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

I love art. After all, I married an artist. But I’ve gotten over trying to pretend that I enjoy some of these “modern” or “contemporary” artists (keeping in mind that “modern art” dates back several decades). I mean, really, does anyone really think  Jackson Pollack is a genius? Personally, I think his work competes with anything a 5 year old could do, but that’s just my opinion.


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Economic Boost

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Spain’s economy is suffering, like the rest of the world’s. But thanks to young men,  one part is booming. Which part? Oh, the part where illegal networks of criminals ruthlessly trick foreign women into thinking there’s a job waiting for them, only to have them discover that the “job” is in a fancy club, a private apartment, an industrial complex or on a lonely country road. . . as a prostitute. Plenty of men like to think these working women are there by choice. And some may be. But of the 200,000 to 400,000 women working as prostitutes in Spain, 90% are victims of trafficking. 90%. Guys like to brag about their sexual exploits with prostitutes and when it’s suggested that these women are being forced to have sex, they often say “But I think they are having a good time.” (more…)

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It Shouldn’t be Hard

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Ever wonder why men run the world? After all, when we were in high school and even college, males were the last people you would rely on to be responsible for anything. Even now, all you have to do is look at the “wonders” that engineers (mostly male) have come up with, like highway jug handles  that create 10 minute bottlenecks on your way to work because they never considered the way traffic actually happens (if you don’t know what a jug handle is, you’re not from NJ). But, here they are, in charge of just about everything, from government to business, and we sit here and wonder “How the hell did that happen?” (more…)

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The Lady is a Tramp

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Here’s the thing – men get vilified in the press for being jerks, just like women do (case in point: Sarah Palin). And their sexual exploits (e.g. Anthony Weiner) are lambasted and ridiculed.  But have you ever heard of a man being labeled loose or cheap or whorish? No; the word for them is. . . (more…)

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